Alte Büttelei, Gang Nach der Alten Büttelei


The name of this small street comes from the Old Büttelei (Alte Büttelei) having been located here. Büttelei, by the way, is an old German word for prison. This name originally also included Portechaisengasse. When the prison was relocated in 1484, this place was called Gang Nach der Alten Büttelei (path after the old Büttelei), later simply Büttelhof. Before 1937 the alley was renamed Alte Büttelei. After the war it was still listed on the oldest city map from 1946 under the somewhat strange name Mało Dobrych (Street of the not-so-good). Shortly thereafter, it disappeared.



Polish name(s)

Mało Dobrych

Related and previous names

Alte Büttelei

Gang Nach der Alten Büttelei

Source(s): Stephan, W. Danzig. Gründung und Straßennamen. Marburg 1954, S 90 M. Granke i M. Kuźniak : Informator Miasta Gdańska. Gdynia 1946