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These pages are a rescue of the old site, www.danzig.at, which sadly seized to exist. A lot of the information found here are either scraped from internet archives from said site, a wonderful book released in 1911 and 1954 called "Die Strassen Danzigs" (The Streets of Danzig) by Walther Stephan.

The original site was a great help for me as I discovered my ancestry - merchants, teachers, and brewers from Gdansk. So this is my side hustle, finding information about the history of these old streets, buildings, images, and resources.

Images are sourced responsibly, either from sites with permission, or from Facebook groups centered around Gdansk.

Everything here is a work in progress. More things:

For those of you who care, this site is hosted in the USA. All source code is freely available on Github, and the content is managed in Contentful. I periodically put backups of all content into Github.

If you'd like to help this little project, shoot me a note!