Berholdsche Gasse

Twergasse, Birhalssche Gasse


In 1357 and 1387 it is listed as "Twergasse" without a name, in 1415 as Birhalssche Gasse. Later the name varied greatly. Even the humorous forms Bierholdsche- or Bierhaldsche Gasse occur. It was not until the beginning of the 19th century that the name took on its familiar form. The street name goes back to the proper name Birhals, which is was already officially mentioned about 1366 in Danzig. Since the war, the alley has had the meaningless name Bürgerstrasse.



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Birhalssche Gasse

Source(s): Stephan, W. Danzig. Gründung und Straßennamen. Marburg 1954, S 84