As early as 1361 a garden is mentioned near the river Neue Mottlau (now Priveta), and this area is referred to the "Gärten am Weg zum Werder" (gardens on the way to Werder) in 1385.

After the erection of the church of St. Barbara (in 1387), this street is referred to as "Bei St. Barbara" (near St. Barbara). In the 16th century it's often viewed as an extension of the Koggenbrücke (a bridge) and referred to as „hinter der Koggenbrücke bei St. Barbara“ (behind the Koggenbrücke near St. Barbara).

Starting in about 1567 the new name Langegarten starts being used, named after a vegetable fields in the area at the time.

After the Second World War, this street was part of the Elbląska (Elbinger Straße) and renamed in about 2000 to the polish equivalent of the German name - Długie Ogrody.



Polish name(s)

Długie Ogrody

Source(s): Stephan, W. Danzig. Gründung und Straßennamen. Marburg 1954, S 171