Brabank is a word referring to a flat shore where used to be shored and fixed, much like a dry dock (in the times, this was referred of the ship being"gebrakt"). At that time, one could fix the underside of the ship in light of not having a dock. The government in 1402 decided that fixing ships outside of this area was subject to a 10 Mark fine:

Nymand sal seyn Schiff bragen oder stortczen anders denne do die bragebank von der stat dorczu gemacht ist bey X gutten marken.

The location of this Danziger Brabank can be traced back to at least 1520.

Over time, residential buildings were built in this area, as well as parks. One of them was the botanical garden founded by Johann Philipp Breyne.

Today's name, Stara Stocznia, literally translates to Old Shipyard.

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Polish name(s)

Stara Stocznia

Source(s): Stephan, W. Danzig. Gründung und Straßennamen. Danzig 1911, Marburg 1954