St. Bartholomäi-Kirchgasse

Platea Bartholomäi, Kumstgasse, Halbengasse


Literally, St Batholomew's Church Street. Bartholomew's Church was probably built after the abandonment of the Jungstadt (young town) as a replacement for the young town's parish church of St. Bartholomäi, which had been moved to the Altstadt (old town). The latter is no longer mentioned after 1459.

In 1456, however, the old-town St. Bartholomew's Church was mentioned, even if it was still mentioned as a chapel, and it was expanded between 1487 and 1491. In this part of history, the street was between Faulgraben and Böttchergasse, which was also referred to as Halbengasse Kegenst St. Bartelmes, and the part of ths street between Böttchergasse and Baugartscher Gasse was referred tio as Kumstgasse as of the 16th century.



Polish name(s)

n. e.

Related and previous names

Platea Bartholomäi



Source(s): Stephan, W. Danzig. Gründung und Straßennamen. Marburg 1954, S 47f